The Space Syntax Laboratory at The Bartlett, University College London and Space Syntax Limited have worked together on the academic development and commercial application of space syntax for over 25 years.

This unique partnership has been independently recognised for its profound economic, societal and intellectual impacts. It has led to the creation of a pioneering approach to the analysis and design of cities, urban areas and buildings.

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Experience has shown that the UCL_Space Syntax Limited relationship creates several key benefits:

1. demonstration of research impact on globally significant application projects 

2. development of enhanced careers for UCL students, staff members and Space Syntax Limited employees

3. generation of data from application projects for use in UCL research

4. stimulation of industry-relevant research questions based on application project needs

5. live testing of beta-stage software, methodologies and theoretical propositions, leading to the acceleration of research productivity

6. mutual introduction to industry funding sources and collaboration partners

7. engagement of senior staff in governance and project review roles.

For further information on space syntax, including software downloads and access to the international network of academic development and commercial application, please see: